The Spice of Life

Hot food is the spice of life. I am quickly turning into a chile-head. When I make chili the way I like it, noone else can eat it. Everyone I know thinks I am crazy. Guess what, I am not alone!

Everything Chile

Here are some pages that have information on Chiles, and hot food in general. If I am missing a page that I should list, send me some email .

Hot Sauce Suppliers

Here are some sites that sell hot sauces and other things chile. If you know of some others, send me some email .

My Hot Sauce Collection

Here is my hot sauce collection. The collection is still small, but steadily growing.
The Source
Heat level: 10++++++++++
7,100,000 scoville units. THE hottest "sauce" ever.

Mad Dog's Revenge
Heat level: 10+++
A truely dangerous "sauce" at 1,000,000 scoville units.

Satan's Blood
Heat level: 10+++
800,000 scoville units

Habanero 750
Heat level: 10++
750,000 scoville units

Acid Rain (Limited Edition)
Heat level: 10++

357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce
Heat level: 10+
At 375,000 scoville units, it us just under the legal limit to be called a sauce. That makes this the hottest sauce, period!.

Blair's Death Rain (Spice)
Heat level: 10+

Endorphin Rush
Heat level: 10+

Dave's Insanity Spice
Heat level: 10

The Hottest Fuckin' Sauce
Heat level: 10
Obviously not, but nice name anyway.

El Yucateco XXXtra Hot
Heat level: 10

Bad Day at Baghdad
Heat level: 9

Red Savina Garlic Hot Sauce
Heat level: 9

No Joke Hot Sauce
Heat level: 7

Dave's Hurtin Habanero
Heat level: 6

Jim Beam Hot Sauce
Heat level: 6

Jim Beam Wing Sauce
Heat level: 6

Melinda's XXXXtra Reserve
Heat level: 6

Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally
Heat level: 6

Heat level: 4

Tabasco Jalapeno
Heat level: 3

Jim Beam BBQ Sauce
Heat level: 2

Louisiana Perfect
Heat level: 2

Melinda's Original Habenero
Heat level: 2

Red Devil
Heat level: 2

Jim Beam Steak Sauce
Heat level: 1?

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